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UX Labs - UX Strategy

UX Strategy

To create a UX Game Plan, based on validated research with the business and market with unified vision & objectives between stakeholders in order to achieve a Killer UX.

UX Labs - UX Design

UX Design

Enhancing the overall user experience throughout each touchpoint of the user journey while interacting with your digital product.

UX Labs - UX Audit

UX Audit

This is where we evaluate your digital product by doing an UX Expert Review “Usability Heuristics Evaluation”,and performing a UX Competitive Analysis/Benchmark.

UX Labs - Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is a product assessment technique, it is the process of observing real users while interacting with your digital product in our labs - or elsewhere - and analyzing the usability problems, its severity, & how to solve them.

UX Labs - UI Design

UI Design

UI Design is about improving the visual look and feel of your product, therefore enhancing your users’ satisfaction and providing you with strong consistent UI guidelines.

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UX Labs - Mawdoo3 Testimonial

I have worked with UX labs since a year ago and it was a good experience based on a solid technical background using the needed tools. Their commitment, meeting deadlines, professionalism was one of the main values that we were looking for and they were one of the leading companies in such a field. All the respect to the team.
Rema Malkawi
Technical Production Director – Mawdoo3

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