About Us

The Story


UX Labs Ltd was established in 2016, starting from the heart of Amman – the capital of Jordan.

Carrying the promise and the social responsibility of enhancing the field of User Experience Design, our mission is reaching out to cover the MENA region.

untitled-1The team of UX Labs have recognized some weakness and lack of structured development for the field in the region.

Due to the constant evolvement in the ICT ecosystem in the region, we have found the necessity to focus on filling this gap, by forming a company that hosts the first dedicated and fully equipped Usability Testing lab in Amman.


The Company


UX Labs provides custom services for businesses and organizations with the various scales and categories.

The services enable the businesses to significantly improve the usability of their products along with the user’s satisfaction.

Our practices approach the field of usability from a strictly scientific perspective. By all means, we follow User Centric Design methodology, to ensure drastically better user experiences, and the results we promise.

The Vision

To drastically improve the Usability and User Experience of the digital products, which are released from the MENA region.

 The Mission


To establish the largest Usability Labs in the MENA region, to increase the awareness of the importance of the field, and making them accessible and affordable by the majority of the ICT Organizations.

The Values




Social Responsibility